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X-ray Locating Service is a private underground utility locating company offering a wide range of services including Line Locating, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Video Pipe Inspection, Tank Locating, Buried Manhole Cover and Valve Investigation, and Digital Mapping.

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X-Ray Utility Locating Services

X-Ray Line & Utility Locating Services

Ground Penetrating Radar

Video Pipe Inspection

Digital Mapping Mark Out Services

Vacuum Excavation

Buried Manhole Covers

Underground Storage Tank Location Services

Methods and Services

  1. 1Line & Utility Locating • We provide this service in the event of buried electric lines, communication lines, water lines, steel pipes and steel conduits that need to be located.
  2. 2Digital Mapping  • Is providing your utility survey plotted on to a print for your records or perhaps to fulfill a requirement from a homeowner, business owner, or a contractor.
  3. 3Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) • A very crucial service when there is a known utility that is either a non-metallic material such as PVC and clay, or does not have any access points such as a shut-off valve, manhole, or a meter panel.
  4. 4Video Pipe Inspection • This is most useful when visual confirmation is required of a buried pipe suspect of having obstructions or structural issues such as, disconnected fittings, cracks, or penetrating roots.
  5. 5Vacuum Excavation (soft dig) • If it’s a test-pit you need, we’ve got you covered. This method is a safe, nondestructive means of digging.
  6. 6Buried Manhole cover and Valve Investigation • With the use of magnetometers and void finders we can accurately locate buried manhole covers, valves, drywells and cesspools.
  7. 7Tank Locating • Finding buried UST’s are a big part of our business. There are many reasons why one would have a need to locate a tank.
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